Professionals For Prevention Society

By joining the PPS, you can participate in the three important opportunities offered to help you make a difference in the fight of Find the Cause:

1. SOCIAL – Attend an event and network with peers that supports Find the Cause

2. GIVE BACK – Volunteer or support a research program

3. LEAD – Become a leader in the society to increase the success of Find the Cause

Stay tuned for upcoming events!


Team CAUSE: A division of Find the Cause Breast Cancer Foundation

For runners, bikers, climbers, skaters, athletes, and competitors.


Whatever your sport is, join our team and be a part of our mission to fund the research that will find the cause of breast cancer.

Through your fundraising and dedication we know that together we can create a healthier environment without breast cancer. Make the most of your next sporting event by competing as a member of TEAM CAUSE!

Visit for more information on ways that you can get involved and create a healthier and cleaner future for generations.